Policy + Procedure

Washington state requires that every licensed daycare center have written policies and procedures pertaining to services provided and financial agreements that will be expected.  A copy will be provided

to each parent or Guardian with a child in our care.  Please take the time to read it, as the information given to you refers to your child. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.




Our Philosophy:

To provide a safe loving learning environment, which allows each

child to build confidence and character while developing physically,

emotionally, mentally and intellectually at their own pace.


Admission Requirements and Enrollment:

1.  I would recommend that prior to enrollment you observe or visit our daycare center.

2.  There will be a two week trial period for all new enrollments to ensure everyone involved is comfortable.

3.  Termination within the first two weeks can happen at a moments notice.

4.  For all private pay clients, I will require a one week deposit, which will be credited towards your last week of attendance, unless other arrangements have been made.

5.  There is a $50.00 annual registration fee per child. Upon agreement that the child will be placed in our care, the following information will need to be provided:


*Consent for your child to receive medical treatment

*A list of allergies that your child may have

*A record of complete immunization records


*Permission for your child to be transported as a blanket form, and a second for specific field trips

*Permission for school aged children who leave child care unaccompanied by an adult to play or participate in activities away from care, if you allow.


The only people which will be allowed to have regular or

unsupervised access to the children are parent/guardian,

caregivers, teachers, family members, volunteers,

government representatives, or an individual with written permission.


Hours of Operation:

We will be available to all children regardless of race, color, national

origin or disability, if we are able to accommodate them, and their needs.

**These times are 6:30am-7:00pm.  Monday thru Friday.

Closed Holiday Days Are:

*New Year's Day

*Memorial Day (observance)

*July 4th

*Labor Day

*Thanksgiving Day

*Day after Thanksgiving

*Christmas Day

*Day after Christmas


ADDENDUM **Tuesday, January 3rd, our hours of operation are being extended.  We will now be open until 7:00 pm  (We know it has been hard for some parents to get here by 6:00, so hopefully the extra hour will help. But, please remember,late pick-up is charged $1.00 per minute, and mulitple reoccurances will result in removal from our program )


Daily Schedule of Activities:

6:30am-7:45:  sleeping, puzzles, books, coloring, anything quiet

7:45am-8:55am:  breakfast, clean-up, brush teeth, free play

8:55am-9:45am:  singing time, organized activity

9:45am-10:15am:  snack time

10:30am-11:00am:  free time

11:00am-12:00pm:  wash-up, lunch

12:00pm-1:00pm:  outside free play (weather permitting) exercise

1:00pm-3:00pm:  nap/quiet time

3:00pm-3:45pm:  snack time

3:45pm-5:30pm:  homework, organized activity, wash-up

5:30pm-7:00pm:  clean up


Each child should come ready to start the day. If your child has a

"accident" on the way, please be courteous and change them, there

is a changing table in both restrooms for your convenience.  As all

children have different personalities, age groups, and skill level.

Consideration will be made when providing the children with

different choices.  Children 29 months and younger will be allowed

individual sleep schedules all infants will be placed on their backs to




Meals and snacks will be nutritious and meet dietary standards.

Please be sure to inform us of any food allergies that your child

might have, as we do use egg and nut product in our kitchen.  If

you choose to bring a special treat, please bring enough for all

of the children, and they must be store bought.  Infants will be

fed infant foods until regular food are tolerated and with parents

consent.  When bottle feeding the child will be carried and never

have a propped bottle. Formula not drank after 1 hour will be

dumped and a new bottle will be made.


Sample Menu:

Breakfast:  waffles, bananas, milk

A.M. snack:  celery sticks, peanut butter, apple juice, milk

Lunch:  spaghetti, bread sticks, tossed salad, pears, milk

P.M. snack:  yogurt, pretzels, milk


Parent's are to provide the following:




*two changes of clothes for smaller children, one

for older children


Discipline Policy:

People have different opinions of discipline.  Our policy is as follows, if your child is having behavioral problems that need to be addressed.  First they will be talked to, we will try to redirect them, Second they will be placed into "think time" ( 1 minute for every year of age), Finally if your child can not be

controlled, you will called to come and pick them up. We also will use positive reinforcement in each classroom, with behavior charts, with praise and prizes to encourage good behavior.

Corporal punishment such as spanking, cruel and unusual humiliation, verbal abuse or physical restraint

will not be used.


Health and Safety Plan:

To avoid hazards equipment and supplies will routinely maintained to prevent injury.  Parent/guardian are required to keep all immunization records and check-ups updated.  If your child is exempt from immunizations, in the event of any infectious outbreak, your child will not be allowed to attend until the dilemma has past.  We will have on hand consent forms for emergent medical treatment, as well as information stating who has permission to pick up your child.  All staff will be first aid and CPR certified as well as having blood borne pathogens training. All staff is also required to have TB testing and annual stars hours training. If your child appears to be ill, if your child is unable to participate in normal routine, parent/guardian will be notified as soon as possible and asked to pick up their child.


Children will not be permitted at the daycare with the following:


1.  Fever of 101* or higher must be normal 24hours prior to return

2.  Vomiting 2x or more in a 24 hour period

3.  Diarrhea or watery stools 3x in a 24 hour period or 2x while in care

4.  Draining rash

5.  Eye discharge or pink eye

6.  Lice or nits

7.  Severe cough

8.  Fatigue that prevents participation in activities

9.  Ringworm

10.  Scabies

11.  Any infectious or contagious illness. Any serious outbreak of a communicable disease will be reported to the health district.


Prevention and Spread of Disease:

Hands will continuously be washed.

*before handling food

*after toileting

*before and after meals

*coming in from outside

The diaper changing area will be cleaned after each use.  Toys will be cleaned daily with bleach water.  Bedding will be washed weekly, and stored in individual, labeled containers.


Toilet Training:

We will assist with toilet training: however, both child and parent/guardian must be ready, as the process requires persistence at home as well as at daycare.


Disaster Plan:

In the event of a disaster, We have all supplies needed to keep your child safe and comfortable until you can reach them.


No Smoking Policy:

There will be no smoking allowed, and all visitors will be asked not to smoke within 25ft of the entrance.



We currently do not have any, if this changes you will be notified in advance.






If medication is to be given, there must be written permission by the doctor or parent/guardian.

All medication must be clearly labeled with:

*child's complete name

*date it was filled or opened

*legible instructions

*expiration date

*name and phone number of physician

We will document each time medication is given. In order to prevent allergic reactions while in care, please make sure your child is familiar with the medication.


Evacuation and Fire Safety:

An evacuation plan is posted thru out the facility, also there are several fire extinguishers throughout.  All staff and children will participate in monthly evacuation fire drills.


Substitute Caregivers:

In order to cover staff illness, vacations, holidays ect., we may use substitute caregivers, we will provide a list on our parent information board.  We will do our best to make the children familiar with these caregivers and notify parents when possible.


Parent Participation:

The law requires that parents have unrestricted visitation to any part of the center in which we use to provide care for the child. We respect that right and highly encourage and welcome parents visits at anytime. We believe parent participation enhances the quality of care, so please feel free to join any of

our activities.


Religious Activity:

No religious practices will take place in our center.  Holidays and birthday's will be celebrated unless the parents oppose. Please let us know.



Parents/Guardian must provide transportation to and from childcare.


The Juniper Dr location will provide transportation to the following schools:  Lakeview, Garden Heights, KnollsVista and the Christian School.


The Western Ave location will provide transportation to

the following schools: Sage Point, Penninsula, Discover, and Knollsvista.


The fee for transportation is  $30.00 per month one-way, or $50.00 per month, round-trip.


Your child will be placed in the proper safety belt, and, or car seat. Staff members may wish to take your child on a nature walk, or to the library from time to time.  We ask that you have a signed permission slip in your child's file.  If we take a field to any other location we will notify you in advance and you will be asked to sign another permission slip.  If there is no consent form on file, the child must remain at the center with a staff member.


Age grouping and group size:

Lil Chiefs Child Care Center is designed and licensed for a variety of children in various age groups.  To

enhance the quality of care we have limited the number of children in each group.  The staff / children ratios are as follows:

1 month thru  11 months          1:3

12 months thru 29 months        1:7

30 months thru 5 years             1:10


5 years thru 12 years            1:15



Parent Contract:

During the pre-admission interview, parents will be given a copy of our Parent Contract to review.  If the parent chooses to place their child in our care, this form must be completed, dated and signed by the parent/guardian as well as a staff member.  In accordance with the Washington Administrative Codes, code#388-295-7030, we must ask that all parents sign their "FULL LEGAL NAME" when

signing their children in & out.


Child Abuse:

By Law, We are mandated reporters of abuse, and will do so if it is suspected.


Childcare Fees:

We make every effort to keep childcare costs to a minimum for our families.  In return we ask that

families provide work schedules and telephone calls for missed days.  In order to maintain staff ratios and costs.  If we receive a phone call prior to the child's scheduled time, there will be no charge, if we receive the call at half-day, we will charge for half day, if there is no phone call to report the absence, you will be charged for  a full day.  For billing purposes we charge half day or full day, to maintain staffing, maintenance of the building and program needs.


Tuition Requirements:

All tuition is due by the end of the month.  For your convenience, we bill out bi-weekly, and monthly, however; all tuition is due by the end of the month. In the event that your account

falls behind, you will be given a one-time courtesy grace period, if it becomes a constant pattern you will be asked to clear your account or you will have to take your child with you, and they will not be able to participate in our program until the balance is paid in full.


Lil Chiefs Child Care LLC WILL NOT accept any child who has a balance on their account after the end of

the month. There is a $25.00 late fee after the 5th of the month, or if your account has a balance 30 days after its due date. We will review are fees annually, in the event that there is a

increase, we will notify you 15 days in advance. ALL private pay accounts must contract their child for no less than three full-time days per week, in order to be accepted into our program, and will only be allowed 10 absent days per year, or at the discretion of the center director.  ALL state paid clients will receive 5 absent days per month, as allowed by the state, missing more than the allowed amount, may result in the removal of your child from our center.


Currently are fees are:

Age                Daily rate    Half day Rate    Drop-in

1mo. – 12mo.    $32.00        $25.00         $5.00 per hr

1yr. – 29 mo.     $30.00        $20.00         $5.00 per hr

30 mo. – 5 yr     $29.00        $20.00         $5.00 per hr

5 yrs – 11 yrs     $28.00        $20.00         $5.00 per hr


* Before, After or before & after school program $15.00 per day*

** Discounts for multiple children**



Our facility closes at 7:00pm, you will be charged $1.00 per minute for every minute that your child remains in care after business hours.


NSF Checks:

There will be a $35.00 NSF fee for all returned checks.

Termination from daycare:

If you decide to remove your child from our care, we will

require a two-week notice.  If there was no deposit

collected, you will be responsible for payment, if we are

unable to continue care for your child, we will give you a

two-week notice.  Reasons to terminate care are as follows

but not limited to:

*failure of parents to pay fee

*failure to complete and sign forms

*lack of parental cooperation

*failure for your child to adjust

*Our inability to meet your child's needs

*Gross misconduct on part of parent or child

*No attendance for a week or more with no notification








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